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Anonymous: Everybody is talking about how Harry lost his chill. Do you have a list of all the times Harry has lost his chill over the last few months. Or do you know someone that has a list or a masterpost or something? Sorry I know a couple of the things but I've forgotten quite a few of the earlier things.




Maybe go through the ‘big gay war’ tag? People are making calendars now.



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Googling Harry and Louis

I just found this interesting:


I’m pretty surprised that louis isn’t there but then again I’m not

The first 5 results, seriously? Harry doesnt even come up once

I’ve done this before and one of the first results is usually if they’re gay

ok i laughed at the afraid of fireworks result

No results at all? this is very unlikely for any male celebrity there is always these questions

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BookMARKED #19

Time for another fic recs list xx

It’s Easy Being With You, Sacred Simplicity

“Woah, sorry, mate. Seems like that keeps happening, huh?” Louis teases as he continues to slowly walk backwards.

“No problem, maybe pay attention next time. Things like this never happened at Manchester City, you know.” Harry’s grin is bright and humorous, his green eyes glinting.

“Probably because no one there is motivated enough to actually run somewhere. Or practice at all, really.”

“You’ve got a big mouth, Tomlinson.”

[or the one where harry has terrible taste in football teams but is incredibly good at his job]

If This Is A Rom-Com Kill The Director

It’s been three years since Louis last saw Harry. The last thing he expects is to wake up and find him in his kitchen. A uni-au without a lot of uni in it.

Curtains, Cataclysms, and Constellations

Harry doesn’t understand the boy next door.

People don’t normally send surreptitious messages through the form of symbolic emotion and quick glances if they want to be left alone. Right?

No. His new neighbour is trying to say something to him.

(And if Harry decides to devote his entire summer to figuring him out, it will be a summer well spent.)

In my dreams I’m with you

AU where Louis Tomlinson is still trying to move on from his dark past until a car crash leaves him in a coma and he slips into an alternate reality where he lives with H, a beautiful boy with chocolate curls and emerald eyes who cooks him breakfast and kisses him sweetly, and where he plays football semi-professionally and is no longer reliant on Zoloft to get him out of bed in the morning.

Has Me By My Heart

It’s probably not normal to even try and find his soulmate – who even believes in that shit anymore – but if Harry were normal he’d be a student or a singer right now, instead of a millionaire con artist who doesn’t own a house because he wants to settle down with someone special.

He watches Louis tell a story with a happy flush in his cheeks, and Harry’s heart thrums painfully because he knows. He’s the one.

Or, Harry steals hearts, Niall steals everything else, and Louis should probably be less cool about knives being thrown at his head.

Lines in the sand aren’t a permanent thing

AU where Louis is a professional surfer and Harry is a professional volleyball player and they both have a competition on the same beach and Louis doesn’t think Volleyball is a real sport until he catches this kid in tiny bright yellow shorts spiking a ball over the net and well, he’d really like to hear those groans off the sand.

Secrets Kindle Fires *May be triggering

Louis is a 22 year old uni professor. Harry is his student who constantly insults him about his sexuality. Louis tries to ignore it but the curly-haired boy won’t let up. But one night, Louis discovers that Harry may have a dark secret he keeps locked inside.

I was a lonely soul, but that’s the old me

”Louis is standing frozen. Harry Styles? Like the Harry Styles? The young skier that he wanked over rather religiously in his teenage years? And maybe still does occasionally, but who’s counting?”

or the one where Harry has a past, Louis wants to know more, Niall won the X-Games and Zayn and Liam really should be together.

but me, i’m not a gamble

A Posh & Becks AU in which Harry is a star on the stage and Louis is a star on the pitch, but they’re both inexplicably terrible at articulating their feelings. In the end, it only takes a season’s worth of failed matchmaking schemes, platonic dinner dates, road trip holidays, and one very convenient David Beckham cameo for them to figure it all out. And if Niall knew all along? Well, he at least has the decency not to be too smug about it.

all that you are is all that i’ll ever need

Harry goes to bed that night cuddled up close to Louis, breathing in his scent and thinking that yes, he is so very happy with his life, a fleeting thought as his eyes close and he drifts off to sleep.

When Harry wakes up, everything will have changed.

Harry goes to bed wrapped around Louis and wakes up alone.

You ain’t right for doing it to me like that baby

Harry is a 17-year-old student, Louis is his 24-year-old footie coach. They don’t like each other.

Or, the one where Harry is the captain of the school football team, and Louis is the injured professional football player that takes over the team. They immediately hate each other with a passion. Featuring Niall as Harry’s best friend, Liam as a bartender and friends with everyone, Zayn as an art teacher, and Louis and Perrie’s best friend, and Perrie as Harry’s photography teacher.

time slows down whenever you’re around

harry and louis were each other’s first loves. after breaking up right before high school started, they drifted apart and met different people, but somehow fate brought them back together again and they reconciled as friends. however, fate wasn’t quite finished with them yet.

Then We Kiss (All I Wanna Do Is Have A Good Time)

Harry shuffles further into the room, timidly taking a seat on one of the chairs set in front of Louis’ table. He keeps his eyes on the floor, fumbling for words. “Sorry, I’m just—it’s just that I’m a bit nervous. And, uh, I wasn’t really expecting for you to look so—” he cuts himself off, just in time to keep himself from saying beautiful.

“Young?” Louis guesses, and Harry just nods, going along with it. “Yeah, don’t worry. I get that a lot, mate. People don’t really expect you to be head writer at twenty-nine. They think to get the job you have to be in your forties, or something.”

So a five-year age gap. Cool.

Summer Fling, Don’t Mean a Thing

How to Fall in Love with a Boy you met at a Resort in Three Weeks or Less

something to come home to

When Louis Tomlinson had a son, he had to set aside things like one-night stands and parties for mortgages and PTA meetings. Harry Styles, an adorable, dorky popstar, definitely falls under ‘Things Responsible Adults Should Avoid.’ Then again, Louis has never been that great with responsibility.

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A Masterpost: Daddy’s Home



a.k.a I had to do it and Im sorry.

(Play this: lxl and press read more)

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